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A Caller's Thoughts

This is my story

Lady Rydia
2 November
Yes, yet another live journal for me. This is one to truly say what I want to say. I like the name Lady Rydia really well.
1000 words, 80's music, aino minako, andre norton, anime, anime conventions, anime music videos, arisugawa juri, asian food, beauty and the beast, beer commercials, being a hag, being loved, books, bridget jones's diary, candles, card captor sakura, celes chere, chai, cheese dip, chinese food, christian witchcraft, clam chowder, clay aiken, coffee houses, cooking, cosplay, crispin freeman, crosstitch, cuteness, dance dance revolution, debate, dim sum, dj sammy, down with love, dreams, dungeons & dragons, edge, ever after, ewan mcgregor, eyes, falling in love, family guy, filia ul copt, final fantasy, final fantasy iv, final fantasy vi, final fantasy vii, final fantasy x-2, fried rice, friendship, fushigi yuugi, gay guys, guacamole, hajime saito, harry potter, harvest moon, hilary duff, honesty, hotohori, indiana jones, infatuation, injokes, japan, japanese, japanese food, kissing, legend of zelda, lina inverse, link, love, magick, making out, men, mercedes lackey, milkshakes, miroku, misa hayase, montague's, monty python, moulin rouge, mushiness, mythology, nan desu kan, openmindedness, optimism, passion, phantom of the opera, project majestic mix, quotes, rain, remus lupin, rice noodles, robotech, romance, roses, ruth thompson, rydia, saber marionette j, sailor moon, sailor venus, sakura kinomoto, sarah brightman, sarcasm, satire, sincerity, singing, singing in the car, sirius black, sirius lives, sleep, something eternal, soul searching, spirited away, stewie griffin, suikoden, suikoden ii, sushi, syaoran li, tank tops, tarnished images, tea, team rocket, techno, the simpsons, theme of love, tifa lockhart, trust, truth, tsubasa, urd, video games, wicca, xelloss, xelloss and filia, yuna, yuna and tidus